Case Studies

Educational Industry

Feasibility Study Morocco

At Feline Insights, we conducted an in-depth feasibility study on private schools in Morocco for EDC. We delved into the crucial factors that influence parents’ school choices – ranging from the quality of education to facility availability and institution reputation.

Consumer response survey

Entrepreneurship & Innovation hub in Canada

We have conducted a survey for an entrepreneurship and innovation hub aimed at children in Canada. This survey validated the market demand for the niche

Business Landscape

Smart Pet Solutions Market in Egypt

We performed comprehensive market research on the Smart Pet Solutions Market in Egypt. The analysis identified consumer preferences, growth prospects, and regulatory challenges shaping this innovative industry segment.

Market Analysis & Regional Overview

Machine Learning Industry in India

We conducted market analysis and regional study of the machine-learning industry in India. Our research revealed invaluable insights encompassing consumer preferences, prevalent industry trends, and regional demand dynamics.

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