How Feline Insights was born?

Our journey with Feline Insights began when we were in the process of rebranding our previous research company, 42Souls.

As we dove into this rebranding adventure, we set out to make our brand more relatable and engaging. Every day, we started adding more and more cat-related designs to our branding because we all had a soft spot for cats. It became clear that the old name and logo of 42Souls no longer matched the spirit of our brand.

We faced a dilemma during this creative exploration: should we just change the logo of 42Souls? However, that didn’t feel right as it wouldn’t capture the essence of 42Souls’ original vision. Then, one day, right before our lunch break, the name ‘Feline Insights’ came to mind, sparking excitement in each of us.

We realized that the business consulting industry often maintains a formal and corporate image, but we were determined to inject some fun and approachability into our work. So, what did we do? We boldly chose an adorable, inquisitive kitten as the symbol of our new company, Feline Insights, and paired it with a strong infrastructure to meet your market intelligence needs.

Today, 42Souls has evolved into a holding company for our future ventures, aligning with its mission of developing 42 unique brands worldwide.