Best Business Ideas in India 2023-2025


The world keeps rapidly changing with technology and lots of opportunities are coming every day. If you are thinking about starting a new business? You’re at the right place! In this article, we will tell you the best business ideas in India for 2023-2025.

Furthermore, we’ll describe why these businesses are the top choices, provide example business plans, and let you know the average time required to achieve a return on investment (ROI). This article aims to be a helpful guide for you on these subjects.

Starting a business in India may be both difficult and profitable. With a growing economy and a large population, there are plenty of business possibilities in different fields, but it’s tough to figure out which one to choose and which one to avoid.

We did some research for you to find out the most promising businesses that are likely to do well in India today.

Many factors can contribute to the success of a business, there are the following: 

Scalability – It indicates a business’s capacity to grow and accommodate increasing demand while maintaining quality, efficiency, and profitability. It’s vital for long-term success as it allows businesses to expand according to market trends and customer needs without compromising performance or revenue.

Market Demand – Market demand is crucial to a business idea, as it ensures there are potential customers. It determines its profitability and sustainability, ensuring your product or service has a target audience ready to purchase, offering the possibility of growth and success.

Feasibility – A business idea should be viable and be able to be transformed into a profitable business. This entails considering what resources are accessible, what skills are required, what are the market needs, and what challenges might come up. This will save time and money by keeping people from investing in ideas that won’t work.

Based on our research, we’ve listed some business ideas below.

Let’s take a look

Online Reselling

Best business ideas in India

Online reselling is our first suggestion because, as previously mentioned, technology is advancing rapidly. This is why people, including yourself, prefer to shop online for various items, including food, rather than visiting physical stores directly.

Online reselling is when people buy products from one place, like a store or a website, and then sell them online for a higher price to make a profit. It’s like being a middle-man who connects buyers with the products they want. 

Resellers earn between 15% and 40% profit on their items. Some reselling enterprises require physical inventory and a physical location, while others can be performed online. Many businesses in this category can run successfully and easily with the help of social media.

Another important point is that there is little or no initial investment required to start an online reselling business. The only reason for this is that you participate in the purchasing and selling process rather than the production process, which would require you to buy raw materials, pay labor costs, and many other overheads. You buy the products from a commercial source and resell them to end-users or consumers.

The average duration of ROI in online reselling varies based on several factors. These factors include product type, marketing strategies, target audience, competition, and business efficiency. The elements affect ROI timelines significantly.

It’s important to note that there is no fixed average duration for ROI in the online reselling business in India or elsewhere. Some businesses may start seeing profits within a few months, while others might take a year or more.

According to a research report by Mordor Intelligence, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for this industry is projected at 21.5% for the period from 2023 to 2028.

Digital Marketing

Best business ideas in India

We recommend digital marketing as your second choice because many companies need help reaching their customers online. 

It’s super important because most of us are online, so it helps companies connect with their customers, sell products, and grow. Plus, it’s cost-effective and can target specific audiences. If you’re good at these things, you can make money by helping businesses grow online.

The initial investment for a small-scale digital marketing business in India could range from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 or more. It depends on your specific needs and ambitions.

If you want to find out the exact amount you need to invest, you must create a detailed business plan and budget. This will help you figure out the specific initial investment required for this business.

Furthermore, determining an exact average ROI for this business is challenging due to the unavailability of relevant data. However, by examining the performance of successful digital marketing agencies, it becomes clear that they typically begin to earn an ROI within 1 to 1.5 years.

T-Shirt Printing

Best business ideas in India

If you are someone who loves fashion, design, and the chance to turn your creativity into profit, the T-shirt printing business could be your perfect fit.

This dynamic field offers a platform for personal expression and artistic flair.

Designing and selling custom T-shirts with your unique ideas is a great way to showcase your creativity and make money. For every shirt you sell, you’ll make a little profit, and this can add up to a substantial extra income over time.

Starting a printed T-shirt business requires an initial investment of around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000. Once up and running, this business’s monthly profit is estimated to be $70,000 per month.

Your main customers will be:

  • Teenagers who like to stay trendy
  • Business organizations are looking for custom T-shirts with their logos.
  • Weddings offer a great opportunity, as couples often want custom shirts with their names.
  • Tourist spots and online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra can also be places to sell your T-shirts to a wide range of customers.

The Globe News wire research report unveils a promising future for the T-shirt printing industry, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5% expected from 2023 to 2032. This industry is considered one of the top opportunities for market expansion, offering a relatively stress-free and fulfilling path for business growth.

Shipping and Delivery

Best business ideas in India

We suggest thinking about this as your fourth option because shipping and delivery can make you a lot of money in today’s world. We’ve said before that online reselling is a great way to succeed nowadays. Shipping and delivery are very important for any online selling or e-commerce business to do well.

These businesses are like the delivery superheroes of the modern world. They move goods from one place to another, making sure your online orders, groceries, and even big cargo get to you on time.

In today’s world, with online shopping booming and global trade expanding, shipping and delivery businesses are busier than ever, promising a bright future for those involved.

According to the research report by Mordor Intelligence, they are expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.69% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2028, indicating a promising future for the industry. These businesses play a pivotal role in connecting people and enabling the smooth flow of goods.

Web Development

In today’s world, having a website is essential for every business. It’s a must-have tool need to companies sell products online, showcase their work, and find new customers. As we mentioned before, online reselling, digital marketing, and shipping and delivery are big opportunities these days. And guess what? All of these businesses need a top-notch website to do well and serve their customers.

If you have an interest in working in this profession, you can utilize various tools and platforms to assist you, including WordPress, Webflow, Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and more.

The amount of initial investment required to start a web development business can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, such as the size of the business, the location, and the type of services given.

The average estimated cost of starting a web development business ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. This includes costs for office space, equipment, software, and marketing.

While your budget may be limited, there’s no need to worry about the initial investment. You can kickstart this as a freelancer.

Industry research report says it’s expected to make a lot of money by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.08%. This means more opportunities for web developers to build and improve websites for businesses and individuals.


Best business ideas in India

Financial technology (Fintech) is another growing industry in India. If you like working with money, this is a great opportunity for you. However, doing business in this industry is highly risky but profitable. So, if you want to put your money into this, make sure you have a good plan.

Fintech means using new technology to make banking and money-related services easier. At its core, Fintech empowers businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers to improve their financial operations, processes, and lifestyles.

The average initial amount required to start a Fintech business in India might cost anywhere between INR 10 lakh and INR 5 crore. It depends on the services you intend to provide.

The average estimated cost of starting a web development business ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. This includes costs for office space, equipment, software, and marketing.

On average, considering all costs, which include technology development and infrastructure, regulatory compliance fees like license application costs, salaries for your team members, and office space rental. So on, you may need an initial setup capital of around $200K–$500K.

A report by Statista predicts that the Fintech market in India will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% every year from 2022 to 2030.

Cloud Kitchen

Best business ideas in India

Another opportunity for you to start an enjoyable business in India. 

A cloud kitchen is like a secret restaurant that makes food only for delivery. They don’t have a dine-in area. This is super important now because many people order food online.

Cloud kitchens can make different types of food at the same time giving customers more options.

According to the latest research by IMARC Group, the cloud kitchen market in India is expected to grow by 14.9% annually from 2023 to 2028.

The initial investment required to start a cloud kitchen in India can vary significantly depending on various factors. Consequently, it’s difficult to provide an exact estimate for the specific upfront cost.

Based on the previous reports, the typical initial investment amounts to roughly Rs 30 lakh. This money takes care of lots of things, such as rent or lease, kitchen equipment, licensing, interior design and setup, staffing, raw materials, and inventory, as well as marketing and advertising, among others.

This represents a standard cost, and your investment in this business can vary based on your financial capacity, allowing you to start with an amount either greater or less than 30 lakhs.

There is no fixed average ROI period, as it is highly dependent on the specific circumstances of your business.

On average, it may take 1 to 3 years for a cloud kitchen business to return the initial investment. However, some businesses may achieve profitability more quickly. Especially if they have a strong concept, effective marketing, and low overhead costs. Others may take longer, particularly if they are in highly competitive markets or face challenges in their operations.

It’s important to conduct a thorough feasibility study and financial analysis specific to your cloud kitchen business to estimate a more accurate ROI period. This analysis should take into account factors like location, competition, menu pricing, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency. Additionally, consider your initial investment amount as a crucial aspect of the assessment.

Online Teaching

Best business ideas in India 2023-2025

Technology is developing rapidly around the world, day by day. Nowadays, most students are using online platforms for additional guidance. If you possess education and teaching skills, then you can create an online teaching platform, which would be the perfect match for you.

Online teaching is when teachers use the internet to help students learn from a distance. It’s important today because it allows people to access education from anywhere, even when they can’t be in a physical classroom. This helps students keep learning during challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and provides opportunities for lifelong learning.

There is no fixed initial investment required to start an online teaching business. A minimal investment of ₹40000–₹50000 can be good for starting online teaching. In this industry, having a user-friendly platform is essential, and the cost of building this platform is part of the initial investment.

Statista predicts that the online learning industry in India will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.94% between 2023 and 2027.

Interior Designing

Best business ideas in India 2023-2025

Interior design is about making spaces beautiful and functional. If you like decorating your home and making it unique, this might be a great opportunity for you.

These days, Indian families like to make their homes look nice with different color schemes and furniture. And it’s not just homes; even people who own buildings like offices, stores, and shops want to make them look attractive. 

To start your business, you’ll have to spend money upfront on essentials such as renting an office, buying furniture and equipment, paying for licenses, and potentially hiring employees. Additionally, marketing your services effectively is crucial for attracting customers and establishing your brand presence. The average initial investment ranges from INR 10 lakh to INR 15 lakh, depending on location and what services you provide.

If you want to work in this field, it’s crucial to be careful with how you spend your money. For example, if you plan to start an interior design business in India with a budget of 10 lakh (1 million INR), here’s a breakdown showing how much of your money should go to each category:

Office Space and Utilities (25%–2.5 lakh INR): This covers office rent, electricity, water, and internet bills, as well as basic office furniture and equipment.  

Licenses and Registrations (5%–50,000 INR): Allocate this portion for business licenses, permits, and any necessary professional memberships.

Marketing and Branding (15%–1.5 lakh INR): This segment should be invested in website development, SMM, SEO, and marketing materials. Additionally, it should allocate resources towards logo and branding design.

Software and Technology (10%–1 lakh INR): Allocate some money for interior design software, accounting software, CRM systems, and security measures.

Staffing (20%–2 lakh INR): For salaries, employee benefits, and training, allocate this percentage to build and retain a capable team.

Inventory and Materials (15%–1.5 lakh INR): This covers the purchase of sample materials and furnishings, along with storage costs.

With this budget, you can start your interior design business on solid financial ground. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust these allocations based on your unique circumstances and business growth. Regularly review and adapt your budget to ensure the success and sustainability of your company.

It’s challenging to provide a specific duration for achieving ROI in this business because of the various factors involved. On average, if your annual income is 6 lakh INR, it will take approximately 1 year and 8 months to recover your initial investment of 10 lakh INR and begin generating a profit.

The scope is huge, from homes and offices to hotels and malls. BlueWeave’s report predicts that the Indian interior design market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.54% during the period from 2023 to 2029.

Food Truck

Best business ideas in India 2023-2025

Here is another enjoyable new business idea for a foodie.

You can serve tasty snacks, and unique dishes to people from an awsome truck. It’s a flexible business to start a food business, as you can go to different places to find hungry customers.

In India, starting a food truck business is relatively new, so there is very little competition. This business has some great advantages, like needing only a small investment and having low risks.

The initial capital needed to launch a food truck in India can fluctuate depending on various factors. These factors include the truck’s size, location, menu offerings, staffing requirements, and more. Typically, for a standard food truck, the total average setup expenses range from 8 to 10 lakhs.

Before entering the market, ensure that you have a well-defined business plan. If you are unsure about how to create a business plan, here’s an example to guide you through the process.

For instance, if you intend to kickstart this business with a 10 lakh rupee budget, your business plan will look like this:

Food Truck Vehicle (2-6 lakh INR): The largest portion of your budget will likely go towards the purchase of a food truck. You can consider buying a used food truck, which can cost anywhere from 2 to 6 lakhs. Make sure it’s in good condition, and consider any additional costs for customization and maintenance.

Licenses and Permits (1-1.5 lakh INR): You will need various licenses and permits to operate a food truck in India. This includes a food vendor license, health department permits, and possibly a parking permit. Budget around 1 to 1.5 lakhs for all these legal requirements.

Kitchen Equipment (1 lakh INR): Invest in high-quality kitchen equipment to ensure your food is prepared efficiently. This may include a generator, cooking equipment, refrigeration, and food preparation tools. Allocate about 1 lakh for this.

Raw Materials and Ingredients (1 lakh INR): Estimate your initial inventory costs for food ingredients and supplies. This can vary greatly depending on the type of cuisine you plan to offer, but you might need around Rs 1 lakh for initial supplies.

Marketing and Branding: Allocate a portion of your budget for marketing and branding. This may include designing a logo, creating a website or social media presence, and creating promotional materials. Plan to spend around 50,000 to 1 lakh on marketing.

Staffing: If you need employees to help you operate the food truck, budget for their salaries and training. The number of employees and their salaries will depend on your menu and business needs.

Insurance (20000 INR to 30000): Consider getting insurance coverage for your food truck, which should include liability insurance. Additionally, ensure coverage for your vehicle and equipment. Budget around 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR for insurance premiums.

Operational Expenses (20,000 INR to 30,000 INR): Budget for day-to-day operational expenses such as fuel, propane, cleaning supplies, and maintenance. These costs can vary but allocate around 20,000 to 30,000 per month.

Miscellaneous Expenses (30000 INR to 50000 INR):
Set aside some funds for unexpected expenses. These may include miscellaneous items that may arise during your business operations. Plan for around 30,000 to 50,000 for this category.

Contingency: It’s important to have a contingency fund for emergencies or unforeseen situations. Allocate at least 10% of your budget for this purpose.

Please remember that this will vary depending on your requirements.

According to BlueWeave, between 2023 and 2029, they predict that the food truck business in India will grow a lot, about 9.23% each year. But remember to follow the rules and make delicious food that people enjoy, so they keep coming back for more.

Starting a food truck business requires hard work, dedication, and patience.
With careful planning and a focus on quality, you can make your food truck a successful venture in India. It can also become profitable with the diligent execution of your strategies.


To succeed, it’s important to plan carefully, research your market, and stay committed. Whether you are interested in technology, art, or food, there is an opportunity for you in India’s business world. So, consider these options, use your creative thinking, and leave your mark with the best business ideas in India.

The duration for ROI in any business can change over time due to market fluctuations, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer behavior. It’s important to note this variability when considering investment strategies.

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